Texas Transportation

The Texas Department of Transportation maintains nearly 200,000 total lane miles and more than 50,000 bridges – the largest state highway system in the country. A special transportation committee of Texas business and civic leaders – working with the Texas Transportation Institute – recently calculated Texas’s unmet transportation needs at $5 billion annually. The shortfall includes $1 billion for existing road maintenance and $4 billion for mobility improvements. Roads in oil and gas regions of Texas will cost even more; likely another $1 billion per year just to maintain energy roads, many of which were not built to handle the truck traffic energy production requires.

Expect another 18 million Texas vehicles by 2040! As our highways get more crowded, this also means that the number of motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities in our roads will continue to increase. Each year in the United States, the number of motor vehicle crashes and fatalities in Texas is always the highest (or near the highest) in terms of crashes, injuries and fatalities. Of course, when you have a population the size of Texas, that is expected. However, we need to do whatever we can to keep our highways and roads safe for all Texans.

As this map of fatal crashes in the U.S shows, Texas led the nation in the total number of fatalities from transportation involved crashes in 2017 with 3,776.

Texans want and deserve a safe, first class highway system. We need to do everything we can to keep our kids, parents, siblings, relatives and friends safe on our Texas roads!